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  • Can provide health care for 45 children for a month

  • Can provide an emergency food basket for a family for a month

  • Can support education for a child for a month

  • Can provide emergency shelter for a family for a month

  • Can provide counseling and psychosocial support for 40 children for a month


Monthly donation

This winter, Palestine refugees need your support more than ever.

UNRWA has run out of money to pay our dedicated staff - most of whom are Palestine refugees themselves.

For three years we have slashed, saved, and squeezed every penny we've received. Now, the Agency has nothing left to cut.

Without UNRWA, frontline doctors, nurses and sanitation workers will not be able to feed their families. Children will not have access to education. Families will not be able to put food on the table. Grandparents, mothers, fathers and children will not be able to access health care and critical medications.

#PalestineRefugeesAtRisk must not be forgotten. They must not be left behind. Donate today.

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