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Lebanon Emergency Appeal

The situation in Lebanon is worsening by the day. Economic collapse and political strife have created a cataclysmic situation for the 6.8 million people who call Lebanon home. This includes more than 210,000 Palestine refugees in 12 refugee camps across the country. Currency devaluation, rising inflation, and fuel and electricity shortages are impacting the safety, health, and well-being of all its inhabitants.

This deepening crisis is even more impactful on Palestine refugees - who already live a grim reality. Restricted from basic rights, such as the right to education, work, and property ownership, they are bearing the additional brunt of this economic emergency with the little reserves they had to begin with.

More than 93 per cent of Palestine refugees in Lebanon live in poverty and are unable to make ends meet. Due to hyperinflation, the cost of a bag of rice takes a huge cut from many of these families' monthly income. That is why we are stepping up our efforts to provide additional monthly cash assistance for families who are in dire need.

We are not able to make this happen without your support.

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