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Gift of Success

Over 526,000 Palestine refugees attend 711 UNRWA schools in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank. UNRWA schools support Palestine refugee students develop their full potential. All children, despite where they live, deserve a quality education and the ability to succeed.

In the West Bank, UNRWA schools also provide a sense of normality for those students living under occupation. Many of these students pass through multiple checkpoints to attend school. Their desire for education and their dreams of future success cannot be held back by barriers and walls.

Your Gift of Success can help ensure that UNRWA school doors remain open for Palestine refugee children. Their success is our success.

Gift in Action

For children, like Waed, who live in the occupied West Bank, the walk to school can be a traumatizing ordeal. They have to walk through numerous checkpoints with armed soldiers and they witness security situations on their way to and from school. For Waed, UNRWA schools are not only a place of learning, they are a place of safety. “There is nothing to fear in school,” says Waed, “It is like getting out of war.” Waed knows that education is the key to success in life and that is why he makes the walk to school each week.

Your Gift of Success has the power to support young Palestine refugees like Waed, pursue their educational dreams. Thousands of Palestine refugee children graduate from UNRWA schools each year with the hope of a brighter future. Their success is our success.

Gift of Success - Gift in Action - 50

Donations from the #Gifts4Refugees Campaign supports essential services to Palestine refugees.

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