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#DignityIsPriceless is a global fundraising campaign to protect the rights and dignity of millions of Palestine refugees who deserve our solidarity more than ever before. Do your part. Join now.



$23 could provide a school kit for a Palestine refugee child
$38 could provide an emergency food basket for a refugee family
$225 could provide emergency shelter for a refugee family for one month
$854 could help send a Palestine refugee child to school for one year
$1,100 could repair one home damaged by shelling in Gaza
$32per month could provide primary health care for 144 refugee children for one year
$60per month could provide emergency food assistance to a refugee family for one year
$71per month could support the education of a Palestine refugee child for the whole school year
$390per month could provide special needs education for children living with disabilities
$500per month could provide counselling and psychosocial support to 40 children during the school year

If you pay your taxes in the USA or Spain, your donation might be eligible for tax deduction. Please click here for USA and here for Spain.

Stand #For Palestine Refugees

For 70 years, we stood #ForPalestineRefugees as they endured injustice and suffering.

1.7 million extremely vulnerable refugees rely on regular food and cash assistance.

Average of 9 million patient visits to our 150 clinics annually.

Half a million girls and boys attend our 700 schools.

That's their rights and dignity. And it's threatened by drastic funding reductions.

Join the #DignityIsPriceless campaign

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